My name is Madeline currently I am a stay at home mom of two beautiful boys, and cake decorator/artist.


I discovered my love for cake art in 2013 when I took a cake class at my local Michael's craft store. From the 1st class I was hooked. I

made my first couple of cakes for family parties and used that as practice, and soon after, through word of mouth, I was busy making cakes on a regular basis. I learned a lot from YouTube, Pintrest, Crafsty Classes and cake blogs. 


In June 2014, my best friend Erin and I decided to join forces and Exclusive Cakes by ME was born.

Through Facebook we were able to reach a wider audence and gained new clients. We quickly became very busy and I realized that I could turn my hobby into my full-time passion.


With the love and suport of my family (especially my husband), and my bestie, I decided to take the neccesssary steps to become a licneced and insured business. From there...


Sweet Madeline's