Q:  How early should I place an order?


A:  We take limited orders for each date thus can book up quickly during peak times so the earlier the better. Ideally, we need 3-4 weeks notice for cakes serving up to 50. Larger cakes require more time to design and plan so should be booked 2-3 months in advance.  Some designs require minimum 2 weeks to make certain design elements.  Any order placed within 7 days of event is subject to a rush fee of 20%.


Throughout all phases of the cake decorating process, a lot of attention and time is spent - from the design stage to the baking to the decorating.  Booking your date as early as possible ensures we can accommodate your order and give it the specialized attention it deserves.  We may still be able to accommodate orders with less notice so please inquire for final availability.



Q:  How do I place an order?  


A:  Once all the details of your cake are worked out and decided on, finalizing the order is simple.  A minimum 50% deposit (over $100) is required at the time you initiate your order. Payable by personal check, cash, Pay Pal or online quickpay.  This will secure your date, and the  remaining balance is to be paid in cash upon delivery unless otherwise agreed to. If your order is less than $100 payment is due in full at timr of depost. If your order is made less than two weeks before the event, then personal checks are no longer accepted, and the deposit must be made between 1-2 days. 


Q:  Why are your cakes priced higher than my local grocery stores or chain discount stores?


A:  Many grocery and chain stores offer premade frozen cakes iced in simple buttercream that are often laden with preservatives and limited in design options.  Our cakes are all baked to order from the freshest ingredients.  We do not freeze our cakes nor do they contain preservatives. They are all custom designed to your needs and are handcrafted to be one of a kind.   


What you are willing to spend depends on what you want for your special occasion and what lasting impression you want to make.



Q:  How soon do you require the deposit?


A:  The deposit should be made as soon as possible to secure your spot. The deposit must be received within 3 days of initiating your order to book it.  Your order is not considered booked without a deposit and any spots therefore are open for others that inquire and are interested, to book. However generally, as a courtesy, I will let you know if others are interested in booking if I'm down to my last spot and I've not yet received your deposit. 


Q: Do you offer tastings?


A: No, unfortuently we do NOT offer tastings.



Q: Can I book an in person consult?


A; No, I currently do not do in person consults or tastings.


Q: Do you offer Gluten, Sugar or Dairy free cakes?


A: No, only good old fashion cakes that include gluten flour, sugar and dairy.



Q:  Why is there a higher price for fondant covered cakes?


A:  Fondant covered cakes are first iced in a ganache, then covered in fondant for a smooth finish. They are decorated with fondant accents which are often hand shaped. It actually requires more ingredients to complete the cake as well as more intricate work and time to make the decorative pieces, so is priced accordingly.



Q:  Why do you show a range in number of servings for your cakes?


A:  This range shows you the low end number of servings, to the high end number of servings you can get out of each cake dimension based on the size servings you choose to serve your guests.  This allows you to determine approximately how big a cake you'll need to order for your number of guests based on your needs.  Sometimes your custom cake will be the only dessert served so you may want to offer larger servings.  Other times, there will be a vast dessert table with other offerings outside the custom cake you get from us so you may want to offer smaller servings



Q:  What if I see a design I like somewhere else - can you replicate it?


A:  Yes!  But since each cake is custom made and does not come out of a mold, a cake can never look 100% like another even if made by the same decorator.  We would be able to replicate any design to a reasonable degree.  If you have a photo or a web link you can provide, we will be able to quote you a price for the number of servings you need and discuss with you what elements can or cannot be replicated


Q: Can you sketch me a design prior to booking?


A: No I do not provided any sketches


Q:  What is a Smash Cake and do I need one at my child's party?


A:  A Smash Cake is an adorable tradition that is typically for a First Birthday but can be adopted for any age. The Smash Cake is a smaller, individual cake that is provided for the birthday child to do with, whatever they please.  They can smash it, eat it, smush it, smear it, or wear it! It provides for great pictures, fun for the child and many, many great memories.  Whether you choose to have one at your child's party is entirely up to you and what you're comfortable with.


Smash cakes are 2”- 3” tall and 5” round. They are available at a minimal cost and are typically the same flavor as the main cake without a filling and are decorated to match. You can request a taller smash cake or add a filling for a minimal fee.  Smash cakes are not available in their own flavor since we bake fresh for every order and cannot mix batter for less than 15 servings.


Q:  Are your cakes nut-free?


A:Have allergies? We use almonds and other nut products in some of our products. There is a possibility that ALL products could contain a trace of these nuts. If you have a severe allergy, we do not recommend eating our product.


Disclaimer Regarding Allergens

If you are allergic to it, you may assume that it is in our products.

For more specific details, please ask and we will gladly try to answer your questions. We recognize the seriousness of food allergies, and will do our best to address your concerns.

The following ingredients are used in the kitchen:


•   Milk and/or milk powder

•   Eggs –pasteurized whole, yolks & whites

•   Tree Nuts - pecans, walnuts, almonds, cashews

•   Soy - in most of our shortenings

•   Wheat - all of our products containing flour

•   Coconut - some buttercream cakes and fillings


While we do not use peanuts or peanut oils in any of our products, and work out of a peanut free commerical kitchen